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Operation of the Cancer Centre

The Tyks Cancer Centre constitutes a major part of the Western Finland Cancer Centre (FICAN West). In addition to the cancer centre of the Tyks Hospital, FICAN West includes the special responsibility area of the Tyks Hospital and the central hospitals in Satakunta (Satasairaala) and Vaasa. FICAN West and four other regional centres in Finland constitute the network designated Comprehensive Cancer Centre Finland, or FICAN. The purpose of FICAN is to develop and guarantee evidence-based, innovative cancer treatment and to secure that all cancer patients get equal and consistent treatment. The FICAN West does not participate in the clinical treatment of cancer patients, as does the Tyks Hospital, but it coordinates the therapeutic activities.

We also promote advanced cancer research in which the patients of the Tyks Hospital may participate. We bring cancer research at the University of Turku close to clinical patient work and we aim at taking benefit of the data generated from clinical (patient) work. Our goal is to develop individualized cancer treatments.

Cancer patient, scientist or employee at the Cancer Centre – we are here for you

The Tyks Cancer Centre is a member of the European cancer network OECI (Organization of European Cancer Institutes) and of the European reference network on Rare Adult CANcers (ERN EURACAN) since 2016.

Our values

We promote cancer treatment of high quality and on equal basis to all patients in collaboration with our partners. Our work is characterized by profound knowhow and innovation.

Individualized cancer treatment is available for all patients rapidly throughout the area of the Tyks Cancer Centre. We support cancer patients in their daily life by providing guidance and advice so that patients get the help they need.

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