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Maternity Outpatient Clinic

Contact information

Street address

Tyks Loimaa Hospital
Main entrance, 1st floor
Seppälänkatu 15–17
PO Box 17, 32200 Loimaa


02 314 3564 reception,
appointments by referrals

Maternity Outpatient Clinic


We offer screening examinations during pregnancy to the residents of Loimaa and adjacent regions.

We ensure the safe progression of your pregnancy in co-operation with the prenatal clinic and the maternity ward of Turku University Hospital. Our goal is to focus our treatment methods according to the needs of the patient and the family.

We admit patients referred by the child health clinic.

Statutory screenings are free for the patient.

Ultrasound examinations during pregnancy require special concentration from the doctor. That is why children should not be brought along to outpatient visits. Your partner or another support person is welcome to participate.

Remember to bring your maternity certificate to outpatient visits.

The waiting room is located on the 1st floor. There is a TV, magazines and some patient instructions in the waiting room.

The practice has the required equipment for examinations. Ultrasound examinations are performed in a dark room. Your bladder should contain lots of urine in order to perform ultrasound examinations.

People in charge:

  • Midwife, nurse Johanna Elo
  • Midwife, nurse Marika Lampinen
  • Midwife, nurse Kirsti Erelä

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