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Contact information

Street address

Tyks Loimaa Hospital
B Wing, ground floor
Seppälänkatu 15–17 Loimaa

Office hours

Mon to Fri: 8 am to 4 pm


02 314 3284
02 314 3577
02 314 3572

Postal address:

PO Box 17, 32201 Loimaa


We offer individual physiotherapy to the patients of our inpatient and outpatient wards. Our goal is to individually support the patient's mobility and ability to function in the treatment of various diseases.

Patients participate in the planning, execution and assessment of their physiotherapy.

You need a doctor's referral to be admitted. We also treat patients without referral

  • from the emergency room
  • by a continued referral from health care institutions
  • by a request to survey the possibilities of physiotherapy

The patient groups of the surgical ward are

  • back operation patients
  • various abdominal area operation patients
  • acute fracture patients

In addition, we treat neurosurgical and prosthesis patients transferred from Turku University Hospital.

The patient groups of the day surgical ward include, among others

  • knee patients
  • shoulder patients
  • foot patients

The patient groups of the internal medicine include, among others

  • patients with disorders of the cerebral blood circulation and other neurological patients
  • geriatric patients
  • heart, blood circulation and pulmonary organ patients

The physiotherapeutic ward receives requests from specialist wards to assess the patient's mobility and ability to function, and to perform continuing treatment, for example, in functional disorders of the pelvic floor and in musculoskeletal diseases.

We co-operate with the cardiac care nurse in the mobility rehabilitation of cardiac patients.

Our premises are located in the broad facilities of the ground floor. There are several individual therapy rooms and a small group exercise room. In addition, there is a small patient/client waiting room with a TV in the ward.

Our newest option for therapy is weight-reduced walking (Autumn 2013)

We have received the Achiever of the year award of the hospital district three times.

Professional journals in the field have published articles about the development of our physiotherapeutic activity (including the work rotation model of physiotherapy between different organisations, and the post-operative treatment and rehabilitation chains of shoulder patients at the Tyks Loimaa hospital).

People in charge:

Medical director Armi Vuori 02 3143200

Head nurse, physiotherapy Anne Niemelä-Laaksonen 02 3143576

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