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Paediatric Neuropsychiatric Working Group

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Tyks Raisio Hospital
Sairaalakatu 5, Raisio


050 472 9101

Office and practice hours

Mon to Fri 8 am to 4 pm

Postal address

Lasten neuropsykiatrian työryhmä
PL 52, 20521 Turku

Paediatric Neuropsychiatric Working Group

We examine and treat children below 13 years and their families who need specialized neuropsychiatric care.

How to reach us

  • You need a doctor's referral to be admitted.
  • Services to children younger than 13 years and to their families and networks
  • Services are free of charge to the families

Who are we?

  • The working group consists of a multiprofessional team of a specialist physician, a physician in specialization training, 2 nurses and 1 psychologist
  • We collaborate with the local pediatric psychiatry open care units, pediatric neurologists, the social function, services for disabled persons and with the municipal educational administration within the region of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.

Why referral?

The pediatric neuropsychiatric working group of the Tyks Hospital invites patients under 13 years of age who are referred to the group for specific diagnostic examinations because of a suspected developmental neuropsychiatric disturbance (e.g., autism spectrum disorder, Tourette syndrome). The open care clinic provides also treatment recommendations, consultations for rehabilitation and other consultation services for physicians treating these patients.

How do we work?

The neuropsychiatric examination period includes the following:

  1. Referral to the working group
  2. Time reservation decided at a team meeting
  3. First visit to the neuropsychiatric open care unit: background information on the child is examined and recorded, the current situation is analyzed, plans are made for further examinations and parents are asked for permission for the group to contact previous actors who have treated or examined the child
  4. Examination of the child: previous examinations and previous visits of the child to a neuropsychologist are scrutinized, enquiry forms to be filled in at home and at school are provided and a visit to the home and school of the patient is carried out, if needed
  5. Examination of the family: previous examinations and visits of the parents to nurses and their results are scrutinized, a visit to the home is carried out, if needed
  6. Feedback and results meeting: results, diagnoses, treatment recommendations and rehabilitation plan are reviewed with the family

To a minor extent we also provide treatment and rehabilitation to children with severe symptoms.

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