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Adolescent Psychiatric Ward J1, Turku

Contact information


02 313 1717


Kunnallissairaalantie 20
Building 4, 3rd floor
20700 Turku (map)

Adolescent Psychiatric Ward J1, Turku

The adolescent psychiatric ward J1 makes psychiatric assessments of adolescents aged 13–17 years and provides therapy when the resources of primary open care or open care adolescent psychiatry are not sufficient.

The ward is closed, has 10 beds and operates 24/7. Ward treatment requires a referral from a physician or emergency services.

The following conditions indicate a need for ward therapy:

  • acute mental disturbance,
  • serious neurotic or behavioural disturbance,
  • self-destructive behaviour or intentions
  • serious eating disorder

The duration of the assessment and therapy periods at the ward vary between a few days and several weeks, depending on the needs of the individual patient.

The patient rooms accommodate 2–3 persons. There are also homelike facilities for social and other activities, common toilets, shower and sauna facilities, an isolation room and a soothing room.

Kiinamylly hospital school

Children and adolescents are entitled to basic education also during hospital stays. Teaching is provided to patients who have compulsory school attendance and who are staying at the wards and outpatient clinics of the Tyks Hospital.

The hospital school is responsible for providing the teaching as required by law. We work in close collaboration with the patient's school so that when he/she returns to school after the evaluation and/or therapy period, this takes place as smoothly as possible.

Kiinamylly school web site (In Finnish)

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