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Addiction Psychiatric Ward R1

​Contact Information


02 314 5474


Kunnallissairaalantie 20
Building 4, K-floor

20700 Turku (map)

Opening hours

Open 24/7
Visits by appointment only

Addiction Psychiatric Ward R1

The addiction psychiatric ward R1 has 12 patient beds. The ward is a closed psychiatric ward and patients may be treated on the basis of involuntary commitment or voluntarily.

The patients treated at ward R1 have severe substance addiction problems or a serious functional addiction and, at the same time, a serious psychiatric disturbance. Open-care patients may undergo initial down-titration of opioid substitution therapy and brief intervention therapies.

The average duration of treatment is 2–4 weeks. Before the patient leaves the ward, open-care treatment is settled for the patient and matters related to livelihood and living conditions of the patient are arranged well as possible.

A multiprofessional clinical team manages many patient matters. The team includes the following experts:

  • Head physician of department
  • Head nurse of department
  • Department secretary
  • Social worker
  • Psychologist
  • Ergotherapist
  • Nurses

The patient will be attended to by 1–2 named nurses, who will have meetings with the patient according to the treatment plan. The patient has a meeting with the head physician of the department at least once weekly. Broad network meetings may be organized together with responsible persons from the open care, housing services etc.

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