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Emergency Psychiatric Ward A1, Turku

Contact information


02 313 1715​


Tyks Main Hospital
Building 11, B wing,
5th floor
Kiinamyllynkatu 4–8
PL 52, 20521 Turku


Emergency Psychiatric Ward A1, Turku

​Emergency psychiatric ward A1 represents demanding psychiatric specialised care, and functions as a general hospital psychiatry ward. Research and care are based on scientific evidence.

The ward has 14 24-hour beds, 2 day surgical beds and outpatient activity.

The ward is a pioneer of transcranial magnetic stimulation and ketamine treatment in Finland.


Patients stay in rooms for two people.

Expertise and competence

The nurses have extensive psychotherapeutic education and competence: psychodynamic, cognitive family therapy and work supervision training applied in practice. Nurses work as supervisors for individuals and groups.

The staff has received education in dialectical behavioural therapy, which is applied as part our operation.

A general hospital psychiatric dissertation and a master's thesis as a part of the dissertation have been written about the ward.

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