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Operation Ward

Contact information

Street address

Turunmaa hospital
Kaskenkatu 13, Turku​

Office hours

Mon to Fri: 8 am to 5 pm


02 314 6288
recovery room


02 314 6100

Postal address

PO Box 663, 20701 Turku

Operation Ward

We perform elective, pre-planned operations of various specialties. We do not perform emergency duty.

All our operations are day surgical. We serve patients in Finnish and Swedish.

Nurses' contact information

Operation planner, Piia Sandelin tel. 02 314 6228

The method of anaesthesia is chosen based on the procedure, with the patient's wish in consideration.


There are four operation rooms in the ward.

People in charge:

Chief Physician Carl-Olof Pirttikangas

Head nurse Ann-Marie Rautoma

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