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Eye Disorders (Ophthalmology) Outpatient Clinic

Contact information

Street address

Turunmaa hospital
Kaskenkatu 13 A, Turku
Room 104

Office hours

Mon to Thu:
8 am to 4 pm
Fri: 8 am to 3 pm


02 314 6221 appointments
Mon to Fri: 9-10 am


02 314 6100

Postal address

Kaskenkatu 13 20700 Turku

Eye Disorders (Ophthalmology) Outpatient Clinic

We perform operation assessments and examinations of surgically treatable eye diseases. We also examine and treat age-related macular degeneration, lacrimal passage problems and other general eye diseases.

You need a doctor's referral to be admitted.

A clinic fee is collected from your visit. A day surgical fee is collected from day surgical procedures. See client fees.

Eye disease examination often requires dilating pupils with eye drops. You are not allowed to drive a car after such examinations.

Prescribing eye glasses is not a part of the clinic's activity.


Our clinic is located in the first floor of the higher high-rise with a few steps both inside and outside. If you use a wheelchair, please contact us in advance so we can prepare your arrival to go as fluently as possible.

Eye patients treated in the operation ward are given pre- and post-operative treatment in the day surgical room, right next to the operation room.

People in charge:

Head physician Elina Vainio-Jylhä

Nurse Nina Peltola, tel. 02 314 6221

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