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Pulmonary Diseases Outpatient Clinic

Contact information

Street address

Tyks, T-hospital
(building 18)
Main entrance 18A,
2nd floor, A Wing
Sleep apnoea treatment 3rd floor, B Wing
Hämeentie 11, Turku

Office hours

Mon to Fri: 8 am to 3 pm


02 313 4333 appointments


02 313 3328

Postal address:

PO Box 52, 20521 Turku​

Pulmonary Diseases Outpatient Clinic

We study and treat pulmonary (lung) diseases such as asthma, sleep apnoea and lung cancer.

You need a doctor's referral to be admitted.

A clinic fee is collected from outpatient visits. Hyposensitisation, anti-IgE and cytotoxic therapy are subject to a continuing treatment fee. See client fees.

Expertise and competence

  • The remote monitoring of CPAP treatment initiated first in the Nordic countries in 2012.
  • Active participation in compiling the national Current Care Guidelines for the treatment of sleep apnoea, lung cancer, COPD and hyposensitisation

People in charge:

Head of department Tarja Saaresranta

Head nurse-in-charge Kaisa Tojkander, tel. 02 313 3320

We are part of the Tyks Operational Division of Medicine.

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