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Dialysis Ward

Contact information

Street address

Tyks, A-hospital 
Entrance 4A, 7th floor
Kiinamyllynkatu 4–8, Turku

More information about parking and transportation.

Office hours

Mon to Fri:
7:15 am to 8 pm

7:15 am to 3 pm

8 am to 3 pm


02 313 1017


02 313 3149

Postal address

PL 52, 20521 Turku

Dialysis Ward

We perform dialysis, or artificial kidney treatment to patients with renal failure. We also offer treatment for patients in need of dialysis or with multiple diseases.

In addition, there is a pre-dialysis outpatient clinic in our unit.

We admit patients

  • from the pre-dialysis clinic for planned treatment
  • from the peritoneal dialysis ward in case treatment is altered
  • from the intensive care unit, emergency room or any other ward in case of acute renal failure
  • from the dialysis wards of regional hospitals due to problems in treatment

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People in charge:

Head physician Kaj Metsärinne, tel. 02 313 1006
Head nurse Kirsi Hoskonen, tel. 02 313 0585
Assistant head nurse Tiina Laaksonen, tel. 02 313 1588 

We are part of the Tyks Operational Division of Medicine.

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