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 Rehabilitation Ward

Contact information

Street address

Kaskenlinna D, 3rd floor
Vähäheikkiläntie 3
20700 Turku


02 313 4285 ward (and bed enquiries)

Postal address

Tyks, Rehabilitation Ward
Kaskenlinna D, 3rd floor
PO Box 52, 20521 Turku

 Rehabilitation Ward

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We provide advanced medical rehabilitation. We focus on early rehabilitation after your illness or injury. The goal is to improve your functioning and your quality of life. You need a doctor's referral to be admitted. You will be invited to 24-hour-a-day rehabilitation or to open-care rehabilitation at the hospital ward.

The common causes for admission are:

  • cerebrovascular diseases
  • traumatic brain injuries
  • severe pain
  • multiple trauma
  • spinal cord injuries
  • limb amputations
  • musculoskeletal problems

Eight beds for neurological patients and eight beds for psychiatric patients are available, plus facilities for one open care patient for both specialties. The ward services also an open care unit for patients with spinal cord injuries.

Nursing and self-care guidance are carried out by the personnel with the aim to improve patient functioning.  Individual and group therapy is provided by therapists with expertise in various forms of dysfunction. The patient will also receive guidance in how to train independently. It is important that the family of the patient participates and contributes to the rehabilitation period.

Experts by experience visit the ward. You may have discussions one-to-one with any one of the experts by experience.

daily inpatient fee, determined by a multiprofessional rehabilitation team, is collected for  inpatient ward treatment.

Visiting hours

Visiting hours are every day at 2–7 PM and by agreement.

We are a part of the Turku University Hospital Neurocenter, which you will also find on Facebook

Our ward functions a a training site for nursing students. Students aiming av qualifying as nurses or practical nurses book their training hours electronically.

Training, teaching and guidance in… 

  • planning, carrying out and assessing rehabilitation periods from the nursing point of view
  • multiprofessional collaboration
  • participation in the work of the rehabilitation team.

Before your practice period

Please repeat the basics of cerebrovascular disorders, traumatic brain injuries, the most common diseases of the musculoskeletal system and spinal cord injuries.

What will you learn?

The goal is… 

  • that you adopt a way of thinking that benefits human functioning as part of nursing
  • that you get some experience in interacting with and in guiding rehabilitation patients and their family
  • that you are able to grasp what rehabilitation signifies for a person after illness or injury
  • that you will, together with your mentor, carry out rehabilitation by guiding and supporting injured and sick patients.

It is our task to operate the inpatient ward and outpatient services of medical rehabilitation for adult patients and to promote medical rehabilitation research and positive thinking about rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation includes different forms of therapy, training on you own and rest. This will support the client in managing his/her everyday life and help to improve quality of life. 

The rehabilitation team includes a specialist physician in neurology and a special physician in physiatry, nurse, practical nurse, ward secretary, maintenance worker, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, psychologist, social worker and a rehabilitation counsellor. The team and the patient discuss the goals of the rehabilitation period and plan the follow-up after the rehabilitation period is over.

Weekend leaves from the ward are possible, if allowed by the physician and if they do not hinder the rehabilitation process. Any travels on leaves are paid by the patient. When the patient's function has advanced, we may recommend home treatment practices in order to check how well the patient copes at home. Feedback from family members is welcome.

We are a specialized health care unit, and you will find us in the Kaskenlinna hospital, Turku. The ward rooms, equipped with toilet and shower facilities, are designed for two persons.

In addition to facilities for therapy, we have access to three rehabilitation robots (two walking devices and one device for upper extremity training).


We are a part of the Turku University Hospital Neurocenter.

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