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Paediatric Rheumatology Outpatient Clinic

Contact information

Street address

Tyks Lighthouse Hospital Savitehtaankatu 5, Turku

2nd floor, section M


02 313 0772 nurse
Mon, Wed and Fri from 1pm to 3 pm


02 313 9412

Postal address

PO Box 52, 20521 Turku

Paediatric Rheumatology Outpatient Clinic

Children and adolescents under 16 with juvenile arthritis, connective tissue disorders and young patients suffering from other joint problems are treated and studies in our clinic. Most of the patients suffer from juvenile arthritis.
You need a doctor's referral to be admitted.

Patients visit the clinic every 3 to 6 months, depending on their condition. The visit lasts from 30 to 45 minutes. The visit includes a physician's practice visit, an arthritis nurse's practice visit and a physiotherapist's examination. An ultrasound study of joints can be performed during the visit. Local treatment of joints by corticosteroids can be performed, if required. Patients suffering from juvenile arthritis need to fill in an electronic follow-up form (Go Treat It) before visits. The nurse can give information about medicines and teach injection methods during visits. A clinic fee is collected from your visit.

The treatment of children suffering from rheumatological diseases requires interprofessional team work, which is why we co-operate closely with rehabilitation counsellors, family workers, ophthalmologists and dentists among others.

Blood samples or X-rays are not taken at the clinic, but in the appropriate facilities of the laboratory or the imaging centre. Usually the necessary examinations are supposed to be performed before the scheduled appointment.​

People in charge:

Paediatric rheumatologist Anne Putto-Laurila
Paediatric rheumatologist Minna-Maija Grönlund
Paediatric rheumatologist Milja Möttönen
Physiotherapist Elina Henttonen
Nurse Heidi Suominen 


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