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Operation Unit, Surgical Hospital

Contact information

Street address

Tyks Surgical Hospital
Building 21, 1st floor
Luolavuorentie 2, Turku

Operation hours

Scheduled operations
Mon to Fri:
7:45 am to 3:45 pm


02 313 6090 office

02 3130833
ward secretary
(day surgery)

Postal address

PO Box 28, 20701 Turku

Operation Unit, Surgical Hospital

Personnel of the operation unit in Surgical hospital. 

Our services are located in the surgical hospital. We operate patients with musculoskeletal diseases:

  • hand, shoulder, knee, ankle and foot patients
  • prosthetic joint operation patients
  • arthritis patients
  • back patients
  • patients with fractures

Most of our patients undergo scheduled operations, but some emergency operations are also performed in our ward. Some of the operations are day surgical.

In addition to operations, we perform endoscopies of the musculoskeletal system. We are responsible for the anaesthesia and recovery of the operation and endoscopy patients and for the post-operative pain management.

We admit patients from Tyks outpatient clinics and the emergency room. Emergency operations are performed on weekdays until 10 pm, if necessary.

A separate fee is not collected from operations, as it is included in the price of the hospital stay.

Visitations at the inpatient ward happen only after the operation.

Our ward has 11 operation rooms and 2 recovery rooms.

Expertise and competence

Over 5000 operations and endoscopy procedures are performed yearly in our ward. We co-operate closely with the operational branch of musculoskeletal disease.

Our projects:

  • active research for the development of pain management methods.

We have received the Achiever of the year award of the hospital district for development work of the anaesthetic database system.

People in charge:

Ruut Laitio, head of section

Tiina Ilola, head nurse

We are part of the service division of Perioperative Services, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Management.

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