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Neurosurgical Inpatient Ward

Contact information

​Street address

Tyks T-hospital
Building 18
Main entrance (18A)
3rd floor F Wing
Hämeentie 11, Turku


02 313 1210 ward


02 313 3052

Postal address

PO Box 52, 20521 Turku

Neurosurgical Inpatient Ward

Doctor looking at X-ray pictures of patient's skull.We treat patients undergoing brain or spine surgery and patients with brain damage. We admit patients from the emergency room, intensive care unit and the surgical outpatient clinic.

The treatment of brain damage patients is planned by neurologists and performed by the experienced staff of the ward. Patients in need of longer hospital treatment are often required to be transferred to other hospitals in the area after their condition has stabilised.

A daily inpatient fee is collected from inpatient ward treatment.

Visiting hours

Mon to Sun 1 pm to 6:30 pm.

Nurse contacts

Inquiries related to surgical preparations for the treatment planner, tel. 02 313 2770 on weekdays from 9 am to 10 am.

Contacts after discharge: 

Nurse's call time on weekdays from 2pm to 3 pm, tel. 02 313 7172.

We have incorporated an internationally recognised multiprofessional co-operation in the treatment of brain damages from the very onset of the injury. Neurologists and neurosurgeons assess and plan the treatment together, with the support of other experts if required. Our aim is that the chain of care of the patient does not break and he/she will not be left without treatment and monitoring. This co-operation is still under development with other units of the hospital district.


We are located in the new facilities of the T-hospital in a 26 bed ward. Our comfortable patient rooms are for 1 to 3 persons and have a toilet and a shower in them.

There is a patient hoist in each room. There are separate facilities for a physiotherapist, and the ward pharmacist and the modern solutions of the medicine room add to the safe process of pharmaceutical therapy.

People in charge:

Head of section Melissa Rahi, tel. 02 313 0545

Immediate manager Matti Sankinen, tel. 02 313 5871

Ward manager Mervi Helander-Kuisma, tel. 02 313 7145

We are a part of the Turku University Hospital Neurocentre.

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