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Turku PET Centre

Contact information

Street address

Tyks Main hospital Building14
Entrance 14A
Kiinamyllynkatu 4–8, Turku

Office hours

Mon to Fri
7:30 am to 3:30 pm


02 313 1883
Mon to Fri 8 am to 2 pm


02  313 2882

Postal address

PO Box 52, 20521 Turku

More information

Turku PET Centre

PET (Positron emission tomography) is a cross-sectional imaging method that gives information about tissue activity, metabolism and the behaviour of medical substances in tissues.

PET imaging can be applied to researching the prevalence of cancer, studying the brain and heart and seeking foci of inflammation.

Turku PET Centre is a joint national research institute of University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University, and Turku University Hospital (Tyks). In addition to patient studies, our activity includes high-quality scientific research and publication activity and the development and manufacturing of positron-emitting isotopes. We are the leading PET research developer in Finland.

In a PET examination, the medical substance is marked with a radioisotope and the substance is either injected to the patient or the patient will inhale it. The substance will pass to the examination target, which is photographed with a camera that receives radiation.

PET-CT scans combine radioisotope studies with computed tomography, so that accurate information about metabolism and structural alterations of tissue layer can be acquired.

Our imaging equipment

  • 3 PET-CT-cameras (Siemens Biograph Vision Quadra, Siemens Biograph Vision, GE Discovery MI)
  • 1 PET-camera (HRRT)
  • 1 PET/MRI-camera (GE SIGNA PET/MR 3.0T)
  • 3 animal-PET/CT-cameras (MoleCubes, Siemens Inveon, RayCan)

People in charge:

Head physician Juhani Knuuti, tel. 02 313 2888

Head nurse Anne Helminen, tel. 02 313 2840

At the PET Centre, the ward head physician is medically responsible and the hospital physicist is responsible for the usage of radiation.

More information at Turku PET Centres website.

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