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Department of Hospital Hygiene and Infection Control

Contact information

Street address

Tyks Main hospital
Building 9, 4th floor
Kiinamyllynkatu 4-8, Turku


02 313 1786


02 313 2431
ward secretary

Infection consultation
02 313 3598

specialist physician Taru Finnilä
02 313 0528

specialist physician Harri Marttila
02 313 1582

head physician Mari Kanerva
040 583 5103

Postal address

PO Box 52, 20521 Turku

Department of Hospital Hygiene and Infection Control

Our unit aims to enhance and maintain hospital hygiene in the hospital district of Southwest Finland.

Our duties include the monitoring and control of hospital infections in the hospitals, health centres and other units of the hospital district.

In addition, we monitor the situation of infectious diseases in the hospital district and co-ordinate the treatment and control of epidemics in the region.

The focus of our work is in monitoring and controlling infections occurring in treatment (hospital infections) and in recognising and managing epidemics. Our unit organises education in the field and offers consultation services.

In addition, we conduct research on the development of infection control.

We have compiled instructions on hospital hygiene and infection control for the patients, which can be found in the instruction database.

We monitor the situation of hospital infections and the resistance and consumption of microbial medication in the hospital district. We perform necessary procedures in co-operation with the inpatient and outpatient wards and other units.

Instructions, recommendations and statements about hospital hygiene are compiled together with the hygiene work group.

We organise regional, centralised and work unit specific hospital hygiene and contagious disease education in co-operation with employees from different various fields, patients and their next of kin.

Our activity is developed according to the changing requirements of the society, new resistant microbes and the needs of the population of the hospital district.

Several projects have been carried out in the past decade in order to develop our activity and enhance hospital hygiene, which have helped us to discover and unify hygiene policies and to give education in the health care and social units of the hospital district area. The advancement of contagious disease control and pandemic control has partly been project-based work.

Responsibilities of the staff

Our head physician is in charge of the monitoring and control of contagious diseases and hospital infections of the hospital district.

Our specialist physician of infectious diseases is mainly in charge of the consultation of infectious diseases.

The infection control nurses have their own sections, which are presented in the following PDF file (In Finnish) Units are asked to primarily contact the infection control nurse of their own department.

Infection control contact people

Every unit has one or two designated infection control contact persons, which are kept in record by the Department of Hospital Hygiene and Infection Control. Any changes in the contact person list should be directed to the ward secretary of the Department of Hospital Hygiene and Infection Control.

Read more: The role and duties of an infection control contact person (In Finnish).

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