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 Occupational Medicine Outpatient Clinic

Contact information

Street address

Tyks Main hospital, U-hospital
Entrance UC3
Kiinamyllynkatu 4–8, Turku

Open with scheduled appointment.

Postal address

PO Box 52, 20521 Turku


Mon–Thu 12 to 2pm
02 313 3663,
02 313 2603


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 Occupational Medicine Outpatient Clinic

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We diagnose and monitor occupational diseases and explore their relation to the work environment. We admit patients from the hospital districts of Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Vaasa.

We employ the expertise and studies of Tyks and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health to support our diagnoses.

Our clinic's operation is based on appointments, and patients usually arrive by a referral from an occupational health physician.

A clinic fee is collected from your visit. You can reimburse your visit invoice from your insurance company afterwards. A clinic fee is not collected, if the examinee brings along a certificate of insurance from their employer.

For more information, contact the nurse telephone number, which will be answered from Monday to Thursday at 12 to 2 pm.

Our basic duty is to produce occupational medicine services to the special responsibility area of Tyks. We are an expert unit, not a treatment unit. You can call us and ask for advice regarding occupational medicine.

Referrals to our outpatient clinic

We schedule appointments based on the information in the referral and the assessed urgency. We send feedback to the referring party and information about the reception of the referral, the first visit and about compiling the E certificate to the examinee.

Every justified referral about suspected occupational diseases should include the patient's anamnesis (exposed to what and when, smoking, respiratory tract symptoms and diseases), information about clinical studies and results, insurance company, employer, occupation and employment. The occupational disease insurance information of entrepreneurs should be reported in the referral.

Referrals about occupational skin diseases can be directed to our ward or directly to the dermatological ward. Referrals about acoustic trauma can be directed directly to the audiologist.

We use safemail tyopkl(a)
This mail allows you to send patient data safely in the form of electronic files.

Instructions for sending an encrypted message by Turvaposti (pdf)

You can also send us an encrypted email with a web form.

Through customer approval, documents are sent to designated recipients.

Asbestos diseases

Asbestos diseases are quite common in the Tyks special responsibility area due to the shipyard industry. Smoking increases the risk of contracting diseases. Occupational asbestos diseases subject to compensation are pleural asbestos plaque, asbestosis and mesothelioma and lung cancer caused by asbestos.

The basic study for asbestos exposures is an X-ray of the thorax in health centres or occupational health care. If plaque can be detected on both sides, and if the reason is suspected to be work-related, a referral to the occupational medicine outpatient ward is made. The pictures of the thorax X-ray should be included in the referral.

Patients with occupational diseases and moderate or heavy exposure to asbestos are monitored every three years in our ward. The monitoring examinations include lung ventilation scans, imaging and laboratory studies and assessing the amount of exposure as fibre-years since 2014. We consult the pulmonary outpatient ward or the pneumoconiosis disease expert group of Tyks, if necessary.

Monitoring recommendations of asbestos diseases

  • asbestos demolition workers: every three years in occupational health care
  • plaque on one side: every three years in occupational health care or health centres
  • plaque on both sides and minor exposure: every three years in occupational health care or health centres, especially smokers
  • plaque on both sides and moderate or heavy exposure: every three years at the Tyks occupational medicine outpatient ward. High-resolution computed tomography study for smokers
  • asbestos: monitoring at the pulmonary diseases outpatient ward, referral to the occupational medicine monitoring if pulmonary functions are normal or no special alterations in 1 to 2 years
  • mesothelioma and lung cancer: Tyks pulmonary diseases outpatient clinic monitoring

Treatment and examination invoicing

In justified occupational disease suspicions we charge the examination fees from the insurance company of the employer. We wish that the paying commitment to these examinations will be composed by the referring party. Follow-up examinations of occupational diseases are charged from the insurance company based on the act on compensation.

By municipal invoicing we can examine diseases exacerbating at work and cases where the occupational disease suspicion does not fulfil the requirements of the occupational diseases act. In these cases, the examinee pays a clinic fee for his/her visits.

A certificate E is compiled of each examinee to the insurance company the examinee has been a client of during their exposure.

Expertise and competence

Our fields of expertise are asbestos diseases and work-related allergic respiratory tract diseases. Exploring the occupational anamnesis and the cause and effect are our basic duties regarding every examinee. We study every occupational disease subject to compensation based on the occupational diseases act, and direct examinations to the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki if there is a need for specific special studies, such as exposure tests.

Our ward is responsible for the activity and assemblage of the multiprofessional expert group of pneumoconiosis. This group assesses occupational diseases contracted from work-related dusts, such as silicone or asbestos.

In occupational cancer cases, our ward explores the risk relation in lung cancers. We also compile consultation replies about diseases exacerbating at work. We monitor the patients with occupational diseases on an agreed basis and assess their ability to work.

We co-operate with the Finnish Institution of Occupational Health, who have a unit in Turku.

People in charge:

Head of department, assistant head physician Marja Huuskonen
consultations to health care professionals tel. 02 313 2606 Mon–Tue 12 pm to 1 pm.

Head nurse Anna-Liisa Vuori, tel. 02 313 0809

We are a part of the Tyks operational division of Medicine.

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