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We have a staff of over 280 in permanent service or employment. The unit has a full-time director, and a director or nursing who is also responsible for the nursing work and its development. The imaging centre has been divided into ward groups, which are led by the respective physician in charge and the administrative head nurse.

The imaging centre works in close co-operation with the University of Turku, Turku University of Applied Sciences and other academies in the area. Radiologists and radiographers are trained in the unit, among others. Scientific research is a part of the unit's work.

The goals are developing the regional availability of imaging services, efficient usage of resources, ensuring the high and consistent quality of study and developing the close co-operation between specialised and primary health care.

We have modern imaging equipment, which is renewed regularly. The newest radiological technology and methods are taken into account when renewing equipment, thus maintaining both high-quality basic diagnostics and high-quality expertise. The latter is represented by, for example, six magnetic resonance imaging scanners and multislice computed tomography with quick 3D rendering techniques, and the bidirectional angiography equipment for special procedures of cerebral blood circulation.

We provide the examinations digitally and shares the results (images and statements) to the users of the hospital district-wide on-line image service. The results are collected in a common archive. Other university hospitals and some of the private imaging facilities have created means for sharing electronic information in order to ease the patient's business and to secure the transfer of information.

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