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 Auria Biobank

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Kiinamyllynkatu 10,
20520 Turku

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PL 52, 20521 Turku


050 578 0815



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 Auria Biobank

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Biobank functions within the Turku University Hospital under the Laboratory Division.

Auria Biobank was the first biobank established in Finland. The biobank has a collection of more than one million biological samples available and used for medical research.

Auria Biobank is located in building Medisiina D in the campus area of the University Hospital and University of Turku. It was founded by the University of Turku and the hospital districts of Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Vaasa in 2012, and received its operating license from the national authorities in the spring of 2014.

Biobank operations are guided by the Finnish Biobank Act, which secures the rights of donors and facilitates access by researchers to the samples. Samples and personal data may, with the donor’s consent, be collected and stored in biobanks for future research.

Please visit the home page of Auria Biobank.

After you have given your consent to Auria Biobank, samples collected during medical treatment and information related to the sample will be stored by the biobank.

The samples you have provided to Auria Biobank will promote medical science aimed at developing new medicines and therapies.

You may give your consent online by visiting the address or by filling the consent form on paper when you visit the hospital. Your consent is required only once. An underage child may also provide his or her consent to Auria Biobank together with a parent or guardian.

You have the right to refuse giving your consent to Auria Biobank and this will in no way affect your treatment.  You may also withdraw your consent at any time.

Auria Biobank will give access to samples and associated information only for research and product development of high quality in the field of health care science.

If you have plans on research where you would need material stored by Auria Biobank, get in touch (cf. contact information) and tell us about your research plans. You may also contact us through the online service FINGENIOUS.

After this discussion, we make a preliminary literature search and a search for appropriate samples in the biobank.

New requests for preliminary evaluation of research projects and requests for sample and information access may also be submitted through the FINGENIOUS service.

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