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Cardiothoracic Surgery

Heart surgery

We are responsible for cardiothoracic treatment, which usually includes coronary artery bypass operations, and heart valve and aorta operations. We have a 24 hour readiness to operate acutely diseased patients.

We perform about 200 bypass operations and about 200 other heart surgeries a year. Bypass surgery can also be performed on an active heart without a heart-lung machine.

In addition to prosthetic heart valve operations, we also perform mitral valve operations assisted by video, so the operation wound (approximately 7 to 8 cm long) is located in the right side of the patient. About 70-80% of mitral valve leakages can be treated by repairing the dysfunctional valve. Some leaking aortic valves can also be treated by repairing the valve.

In selected cases, atrial fibrillation can be repaired thoracoscopically by burning the conduction pathways, if the fibrillation has not reacted to any other treatment. Turku University Hospital is the first hospital in Finland to use this treatment.

Aneurysms of the descending aorta have been treated in co-operation with the interventional radiologist since 2005 by inserting a stent via the groin instead of traditional surgery.

Thoracic surgery

In thoracic surgery, we can offer the bulk of patients minimally invasive surgical treatment according to contemporary recommendations in benign and malign lung diseases. We treat chest cavity tumours and injuries in co-operation with plastic surgeons. We perform about 200 thoracic operations a year.

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