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 Department of Digestive Surgery and Urology

Contact information

Operational division administration

Head of
operational division
Arto Rantala 
Tel. 02 313 9551

Director of nursing
Sari Tanninen
Tel. 02 313 1201

Secretary to the head of operational division
Elina Sainio
Tel. 02 313 2200

Secretary to the director of nursing
Marjaana Voutilainen
Tel. 02 313 2201


02 313 0000


02 313 2284

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Office address

Tyks Main Hospital
Building 7
2nd floor
Kiinamyllynkatu 4–8 Turku

Postal address

PO Box 52, 20521 Turku

 Department of Digestive Surgery and Urology

  • Overview
  • Research and development

Nurse is pressing on patient's stomach. 

The sections and wards of our operational division treat abdominal and urological diseases.

We are responsible for all of the specialised care of digestive surgery and urology in Tyks, and the outpatient treatment of internal medicine gastroenterology. We also co-ordinate the operation of the regional hospitals.

Daily surgical activity and the diagnostics and treatment of cancer are our most essential activities. 43% of all the cancers in the hospital district area are diagnosed or treated at the operational division.

Our services are available at the T and A buildings of the main hospital and the Tyks hospitals of Salo, Loimaa, Turunmaa and Vakka-Suomi.

Our sections:

Our outpatient clinics and wards

Lean and Quality

We use the Social and Health Quality Service (SHQS) quality assurance programme to develop the quality of our division’s operations. We apply the philosophy of Lean management to streamline the division’s operations and to improve the quality of service experienced by our customers, patients and their relatives. Our units have improved their patient care processes by implementing the 5S storage organisation methodology and the Lean Daily Management (LDM) system, which is also applied by the administrative services. The division has a designated manager in charge of Lean and Quality Assurance.

Patient Safety

The division has an active multidisciplinary patient safety committee that processes current matters regarding patient safety from the perspective of process development in order to improve our operations and learn from past mistakes. This committee includes the division’s management, a nurse and physician representative from all units and a representative of the hospital hygiene unit, pharmaceutical services and surgical units. The chairperson of the committee is specialist Päivi Helmiö, and patient safety coordinator Weronica Gröndahl is the expert secretary of the committee.

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