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Three doctors doing an urological surgery.

The administrative branch of urology is responsible for arranging specialised care for urology patients in the Hospital District of Southwest Finland, including the treatment of diseases of the urinary system and the male reproductive system. In addition to the Tyks main hospital, our services are also available at the hospitals of Salo, Loimaa and Vakka-Suomi. We also treat patients with conditions that require special expertise from other areas of Finland.

Most commonly treated diseases include urologic cancers (cancers of the prostate, kidney or bladder and testicular cancer), disorders of the urinary tract and kidney stone disease. The unit uses modern techniques in providing treatment (including robotic surgery, laparoscopy and laser treatment for stones and prostate laser surgery).

In addition to clinical patient care, the branch is particularly active in the research of cancer treatment. This research gives our patients access not only to better treatment, but also the latest medications available.

Päivitetty: 13/08/2020 08:13