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 Operation and Quality

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Statistics - The Number of Most Common Operations in 2018.The department of digestive surgery and urology performed 7203 surgical procedures in 2018. 30% of these were performed as outpatient visits. Modern and minimally invasive techniques are commonly applied in the division, and their proportion continues to increase. Endoscopic surgery is widely applied in prostatectomy, appendicectomy, nephrectomy and bariatric surgery as well as in the treatment of oesophageal, gastric and bowel cancer. The number of referrals we receive increases by 5% every year.

Statistics - Improvements Every Day.

Our patient operations are heavily focused on outpatient care. An increasing number of our patients are elderly or diagnosed with multiple conditions, and many patients are diagnosed with either a chronic illness or cancer. Despite the huge advances in medicine and technical aids, most modes of treatment require a lot mental and physical resources from the patient, which is why we have paid particular attention on the comprehensive treatment of our patients. We have set up appointments with nurses to ensure that patients receive the information they require and that they cope with their diseases. We are cooperating actively with several associations, and we arrange peer support activities at the digestive surgery ward, for example.

Patient satisfaction

Patient feedback survey results of the division in 2018

Feedback example form.

We feel that feedback is important for the development of our operations, which is why we collect it from our patients on an ongoing basis. Feedback can be given either digitally or with a paper form. Our units were equipped with user-friendly patient feedback systems in 2016. In 2018, we received 694 reviews (QPro). On a scale of 1–5, the average score of the patient feedback in 2018 was 4.7. The open feedback we received was 47.5% positive and 18.5% negative, and 7.7% of the feedback included suggestions.

We also began to collect feedback via SMS messages in June and received 1,706 messages during the remainder of the year. According to the SMS feedback, the overall rating given to our services was 9.3 on a scale of 1–10.

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