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Endocrinology is a medical specialty that examines and treats illnesses of hormonal secretion and function. Endocrinological illnesses may be due to overproduction or underproduction of hormones, and the hormone-producing organs may have benign or malignant tumours.

Tyks is a university hospital that treats patients whose condition requires endocrinological specialist knowhow, advanced laboratory and genetic diagnostics or imaging, or multiprofessional consultations in collaboration, e.g., with surgeons, gynaecologists, ophthalmologists and nephrologists.

We treat and follow up diabetics on insulin pump therapy or with significant diabetic complications or whose condition or illness otherwise requires follow-up and treatment at a university clinic.

We are also responsible for examining and treating hyperthyroidism complicated by eye symptoms and illnesses of the parathyroids, pituitary, adrenals, testes and skeleton. Patients with multiple endocrine neoplasias are also treated and followed up by endocrinologists. The endocrinology outpatient clinic assesses patients for weight reduction (bariatric) surgery.

Examinations and treatment at the Tyks hospital

The majority of patients are treated on an outpatient basis. Only a minority of our patients require ward treatment. Treatment and care at a ward may be necessary for patients, e.g., with complicated diabetic foot ulcers, diabetic ketoacidosis or severe derangement of the salt and fluid balance.

Starting insulin treatment for patients with newly diagnosed diabetes may often be carried out at home, on an outpatient basis.

The Endocrinology Outpatient Clinic has access to the vast imaging services of the national  PET Centre. PET is useful for assessing hormonal tumours and metabolic illnesses. We pursue seamless collaboration with other medical specialties. We conduct scientific research in the field of diabetes, obesity and skeletal illness and other.

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