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Palliative Centre

Contact information


Tyks, T-hospital
A-wing, 3rd floor
Hämeentie 11, Turku


02 313 1810, secretary
from 8 am to 3 pm

Palliative Centre

Doctors and nurses from Palliative Centre.

Patients with an incurable, progressive disease are treated by the Palliative Centre. The goal of palliative treatment is good management of the patient’s symptoms, to secure an optimal quality of life and to support the patient’s family and friends.

The Palliative Centre follows regular business hours. We provide advanced level open care services and support the units of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland in questions related to palliative and end-of-life care.

Patients need a physician’s referral for open care consultations at the palliative centre. A physician and nurse may also visit patients at any of the units of the Tyks Hospital on the request of the attending physician.

People in charge

Head physician Outi Hirvonen, tel. 02 313 0884

Specialist physician Johanna Skyttä, tel. 02 313 9264

Head nurse Tuulikki Viljakainen, tel. 02 313 8244

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