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 We are uniquely involved in the life of the woman and her family

 We are uniquely involved in the life of the woman and her family

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Old woman’s hand, baby’s foot

The services of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology include management of pregnancies and deliveries and advanced treatment of gynaecological diseases, infertility and gynaecological cancers.   Patients are usually admitted to us by referral from a physician.
Our staff consists of 350 top professionals in health care. We base all our treatments on solid scientific research. Multiprofessional teams guarantee the best care for you.

We produce advanced treatment in three responsibility areas

Management of pregnancy and deliveries. Gynaecological treatment. Treatment of gynaecological cancers.

More than 3,500 miracles every year

More than 3,500 children are born in our facilities every year. Our most important values are to guide each mother individually and to place the family in the centre. Most visits during pregnancy and for gynaecological consultations take place at our outpatient clinic. Our infertility treatment team works to the highest national quality standards.

Our fields of expertise include

  • treatment of high-risk pregnancies
  • advanced foetal diagnostics
  • treatment of endometriosis
  • treatment of gynaecological cancer
  • treatment of difficult urinary incontinence and prolapses
  • surgical treatment of difficult infertility of men (TESE)

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