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Pregnancy screening – booking and preparing for the appointment

When you are booking your pregnancy screening appointment, please make sure that when you arrive for your appointment, you

  • have filled the iPana-online information form and it is up to date,
  • have your maternity card (electronic or paper version) with you,
  • have your identification / Kela card with you, and
  • have removed all abdominal piercings, if you have any. 
  • You can have one adult support person with you.

To make sure that the screening is successful, it is important not to come with a completely empty bladder.

Arriving for the appointment

The maternity outpatient clinic is located in the 1st floor of the Tyks U hospital. The entrance, 3F, is located on the side of the building, facing Kiinamyllynkatu.

The maternity clinic and delivery reception share the same entrance (see the map below).

Please arrive early: the front desk can be crowded and the patient registration can take a while.

You can find information about available transportation options and parking from our website. There is no free parking in the immediate area. You can also use the Easy Park application to pay for your parking.

Map of Maternity Outpatient Clinic's entrance. Explaned in text above the picture.

If you are having difficulties with the booking or you are unable to do it, please contact the Customer Service Center of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at 02 313 1000.


We are a teaching hospital, and our outpatient clinic also functions as a teaching clinic for medical and nursing students. 

You can help by giving your consent for biobanking. Every sample can provide valuable research information to support treatment.

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