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Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology emergency services 24/7

Nurse with a smile examines a pregnant woman.

Pregnancy and labour services 24/7

Emergency and on-call services for women in labour and/or in pregnancy
02 313 1000

Pregnant women attending the outpatient clinic as of pregnancy week 20 are welcome to contact us in matters related to the pregnancy.

Examples of when you may arrive with or without a referral:

  • You have profuse vaginal bleeding or discharge 
  • You have painful contractions
  • The baby moves much less than before, or you cannot feel the baby's movements at all
  • You have symptoms of preeclampsia
  • You have had an accident or you have fallen on your belly

The emergency service unit is located in Tyks Lighthouse hospital  3rd floor. It operates 24/7.

Gynaecology emergency services

Gynaecology emergency services: telephone numbers
02 313 1322

If you are less than 20 weeks pregnant, on-call services are available by referral from a physician. Patients who have an established care relationship with the obstetrics & gynaecology open care unit since less than one month may call the nurse at the gynaecological emergency services to discuss the need for an emergency visit.

The emergency service unit is located in the Tyks Lighthouse hospital  6th floor and it operates 24/7 at gynaecology ward.

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