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Help and support for the victims of sexual violence

Doctor holds patients hand

Seri Support Centre, located at the Tyks Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, is a care centre for victims of sexual assault.

You can seek help alone or guided by the authorities – a referral is not required. We recommend that you seek help as soon as possible after the violence has occurred, but at the latest within a month of the incident. You can take a loved one with you to support you. The services of the Seri Support Centre are open for all victims of sexual violence, regardless of gender.

Victims of sexual violence have a right to all services of the Seri Support Centre regardless of whether or not they decide to report the incident to the police. All services are free of charge. The Seri Support Centre is open 24/7, but some of the services are only available on weekdays during standard business hours.

“Sexual violence is a form of violence referring to touching, abuse, harassment, incest, rape, and forcing someone to engage in humiliating or shameful sexual activities” (THL - The National Institute for Health and Welfare).

You will receive comprehensive care at the Seri Support Centre:

psychological and social support to help you recover after the traumatic experience

  • a forensic medical examination and laboratory samples
  • all the medications, vaccinations, and emergency contraception you might need
  • treatment follow-up plan
  • information on other support services.

The support centre is staffed with doctors, nurses, a crisis nurse, a social worker, a hospital chaplain and a sexual counsellor. The entire staff is trained on how to approach and support the victims of sexual violence. In addition, the support centre is in close cooperation with other organisations, and can guide you so that you will receive the help and support you need.

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 Seri Support Centre

Tyks Lighthouse hospital

Lift A, 6th floor

Office hours:
room 20, across lifts
Outside office hours:

to the right at Gynecological emergency services

Savitehtaankatu 5, Turku

PO address

PL 52, 20251 Turku


050 475 6108
Calls 24/7
Text messages on weekdays

Appointments and other non-emergency inquiries

Mon-Fri 8 am – 3.30 pm