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​Instructions for pregnant patients

Coronavirus causes symptoms of a respiratory infection. If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection and/or you have been abroad within the last 14 days, do not come to the hospital unannounced. If you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms or you are living with someone who has contracted the coronavirus or who has been abroad within the last 14 days, contact your local health centre / clinic / maternity outpatient clinic before you arrive to your scheduled appointments. If necessary, we can handle some things over the phone or reschedule your appointment. We ask you to contact your local health centre if you are experiencing significant symptoms.

Family and antenatal classes continue to be held digitally.

You can have one support person with you at the maternity clinic for you ultrasound screenings and outpatient clinic appointments, provided that they do not have any symptoms and they have not been abroad in the 14 days prior to your appointment. A support person who does not have any symptoms can also be with you during the induction of labour and during a C-section.

Two asymptomatic visitors can visit you at the inpatient ward during your pregnancy and after delivery, provided that they have not travelled abroad within the last 14 days. For the time being, family rooms are out of use on the maternity wards.

Support persons will be guided in hand washing, hand sanitizer use and use of protective equipment when arriving to or leaving from the hospital, the ward, or the hospital room.

During labour and delivery, the support person will remain in the same room as the mother, and at the wards and at the outpatient clinic, moving in the common areas will be kept to a minimum.

Expecting mothers are susceptible to infections. Please make sure you practice good hand hygiene and avoid nonessential gatherings. According to current research, the coronavirus has not been found to cause birth defects to the fetus. Coronavirus infection does not affect the way of delivery if the mother is feeling well. A mother who has contracted coronavirus can breastfeed.

We are doing everything we can to achieve safe labour and family centred care in these exceptional circumstances.

Updated 24 June 2020

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