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​Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Young girl, a doctor and a nurse in Paediatric and adolescent medicine. 

The section of paediatric and adolescent medicine treats acute and chronically ill children aged up to 16 years old. There is a paediatric specialist doctor on duty (referrals required), outpatient clinics of all paediatric specialties, two inpatient wards and a day hospital in the section.

Meet our doctors

Leena Kainulainen. Leena Kainulainen
MD, docent, paediatrician
  • Special qualifications in: disorders of defence mechanisms, immune deficiencies
  • Publication areas: primary immune deficiencies, infectious diseases, increased risk of infection
Anita Arola Anita Arola
MD, paediatrician, paediatric cardiology
Minna-Maija Grönlund. Minna-Maija Grönlund
MD, paediatrician, paediatric rheumatology
  • Publication areas: intestinal microbiology, paediatric rheumatology
Tuomas Jartti. Tuomas Jartti
MD, docent, paediatrician, children's allergology
  • Physician in charge of children's allergology in the Hospital District of Southwest Finland
  • Publication areas: children's exhalation problems, children's asthma, viral infections of the respiratory tract
Marko Kalliomäki. Marko Kalliomäki
MD, docent, paediatrician, children's gastroenterology
  • Special qualifications in: Intestinal disorders and liver diseases of children
  • Publications: Coeliac disease, infectious intestinal diseases, probiotics, allergies
Janne Kataja. Janne Kataja
MD, paediatrician
Heikki Lukkarinen. Heikki Lukkarinen
MD, docent, paediatrician
  • Special qualifications in: Paediatric pulmonary diseases (such as cystic fibrosis, ciliary dysfunctions)
  • Publication areas: Paediatric pulmonary diseases
Milja Möttönen. Milja Möttönen
MD, paediatrician, in paediatric rheumatology education
  • Publications areas: immunology of rheumatoid arthritis
Merja Nermes. Merja Nermes
MD, docent, paediatrician, paediatric allergology
  • Publication areas: paediatric allergology
Harri Niinikoski. Harri Niinikoski
MD, professor, paediatric endocrinologist, specially qualified in the treatment of diabetes
  • Publication areas: paediatric nutrition, endocrinology and the prevention of cardiac diseases
Kirsti Näntö-Salonen. Kirsti Näntö-Salonen
MD, docent, paediatrician, children's endocrinology
  • Publications areas: congenital metabolic diseases, growth and diabetes
Ville Peltola. Ville Peltola
MD, docent, paediatrician, additional education in children's infectious diseases,  professor of children's infectious diseases, head of department, children's infectious diseases.
  • Special qualifications in: prevention and treatment of children's infectious diseases in the hospital district and expert responsibility area
  • Publication areas: The epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics and treatment of children's respiratory tract infections
Anne Putto-Laurila. Anne Putto-Laurila
MD, docent, paediatric rheumatologist, specially qualified in the treatment of diabetes
  • Publication areas: publications of children's infectious diseases, diabetes and juvenile arthritis
Aino Ruohola. Aino Ruohola
MD, docent, paediatrician, additional education in children's infectious diseases, clinical educator of paediatrics, University of Turku.
  • Special qualifications in: Children's middle ear infection, respiratory tract infections, tuberculosis, antibiotic treatment.
  • Publication areas: Middle ear infection, respiratory tract infections, microbiology

Heads of nursing staff

Iiris Lehtomaa.​​​Iiris Lehtomaa
Ward manager
Anu Luukkanen.​​​Anu Luukkanen
Ward manager
Marjo Rantasalo.​​​Marjo Rantasalo
Assistant ward manager
Marianne Lövgren. Marianne Lövgren
Ward manager
Sanna Sederholm.Sanna Sederholm
Assistant ward manager
Heljä Malin-Pulkkinen.Heljä Malin-Pulkkinen
Assistant ward manager
Kristiina Nokelainen
Ward manager


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