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 Speech Therapy

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Mon to Thu 8 am to 3:30 pm and Fri 8 am to 2 pm

Head of service unit

Leading speech therapist Katja Saarela, tel. 02 313 5846

 Speech Therapy

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We treat disorders of children's and adults' communication, verbal ability (speech comprehension and talking), speech motor activity (unfluency and unclarity) voice production and swallowing. In addition, people with various speech impediments can get help by using equipment and methods designed to support and/or to replace speech, such as sign language and pictures.

You need a doctor's referral to be admitted.

We treat the following disorders:

  • Adult speech motor disturbances and speech unclarity (dysarthria)
  • Adult stuttering (dysphemia)
  • Disorders of the voice (dysphonia)
  • Adult swallowing disorders (dysphagia)
  • Communicative disorders resulting from children's or adult's hearing defect.
  • Children's developmental and acquired disorders of contact, communication, language development and speech production, learning difficulties and eating and swallowing difficulties.
  • Children's and adults' severe disorders of speech and communication requiring assistive communication devices (e.g. ALS, cerebral palsy, autism, developmental disability)

A clinic fee or a continuing treatment fee is collected from the treatment. The clinic fee does not apply to the visitations for assistive devices in Tikoteekki.

Telephone numbers

  • Speech therapy at the paediatric ward (paediatric neurology): 02 313 5815, 02 313 9140, 02 313 3454, 050 462 6402
  • Speech therapy at the department of otorhinolaryngology:
    • Phoniatrics and otorhinolaryngology inpatient ward: 02 313 5846, 02 313 0549, 02 313 1529
    • Hearing Centre: 02 313 2528
  • Speech therapy at the neurological wards:
    • Neurological inpatient wards: 02 313 9207
    • Neurological outpatient reception: 02 313 2702, 040 462 6402
    • Rehabilitation ward in Kaskenlinna: 02 313 4387
  • Speech therapy at the regional assistive technology centre: 02 313 0471, 02 313 1471

Street addresses

  • Paediatric neurology: Tyks, T-hospital, entrance 3A, 11th floor
  • Phoniatrics: Tyks, U-hospital, entrance 3A, 9th floor
  • Hearing Centre: Tyks, U-hospital, entrance 3A, ground floor
  • Adult neurology outpatient clinic: Tyks, T-hospital, entrance 18A, Wing E, 5th floor
  • Adult neurology inpatient ward: Tyks, T-hospital, entrance 18A, Wing A, 5th floor
  • Rehabilitation Ward: Tyks, Rehabilitation ward, Vähäheikkiläntie 3, Kaskenlinna D, 3rd floor
  • Regional assistive technology centre: Tyks, Raisio Hospital, Sairaalakatu 5

Interacting with other people is an essential part of human life. The goal of our treatment of speech impediments is that our patients are able to communicate as well as possible. Methods replacing speech can be used if speech is impaired.

We study the disorders of communication and swallowing, assess the need for rehabilitation, perform speech therapy, organise follow-up care outside Tyks, if necessary, and give information and counselling about speech impediments. We usually work in interprofessional teams.

Our speech therapists participate in the education of students in their own fields. We teach and educate the students of logopaedics at Turku university and Åbo Akademi in different stages of their studies. Logopaedics students can attend in patient work and they can perform speech therapy under the guidance of their educator.

Expertise and competence

  • The Finnish Association of Speech Therapists has chosen the Speech therapist of the year three times from Tyks: in the year 2011 Anneli Laine was recognised, in 2013 Ulla Ström and in 2020 Taina Kannosto-Blomqvist.
  • We co-operate closely with other speech therapists in the area, health centres and the private practices of speech therapists.

We are a part of the Tyks expert services.

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