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 Nutritional Therapy

Contact information

Head of service unit

Dietitian Mari Salminen, 02 313 2631


02 313 3328 (Allergy unit office)

Postal address

PO Box 52, 20521 Turku

 Nutritional Therapy

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The dietitians plan, direct and monitor the fulfilment of diets required for the treatment of certain diseases and assess the nutritional sufficiency of diets.

Patients are admitted to dietitians' practices via the outpatient clinics and wards of Tyks

  • by a referral
  • urgent cases without a referral
  • by an agreed treatment practice

Dietitian visits are scheduled by appointment or the dietitian can visit the patient in an inpatient ward. The guidance can happen individually or in group therapy.

Our services include

  • the assessment of the patient's diet's nutritional sufficiency based on an interview or a food diary
  • the compilation and monitoring the fulfilment of the patient's diet plan
  • the development of nutritional therapy in the hospital district (patient meals, nutritional therapy practices, education of the staff)

A clinic fee or a continuing treatment fee is collected from our patients. Doctor visits of inpatient ward patients are included in the daily inpatient fee.

Contact information of the dietitians

The dietitian practices are located in various locations of the hospital. The street address to each dietitian is written in the invitation letter.

Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment

If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, contact the ward secretary or nurse of the ward you have been given an appointment to or directly the dietitian treating you. The telephone number can be seen in the invitation letter, or the telephone exchange can also connect you.

Nutritional therapy is an important part of the holistic treatment of the patient, and its function is to enhance the recovery, well-being of the patient and coping with a disease requiring a special diet.

Nutritional therapy is carried out individually. The basis of the treatment is the life situation and current dietary habits of the patient, and a diet that best fits the patient's condition and everyday life is planned based on these factors. The counselling consists of a practical approach to the selection of food supplies and special products of the diet and selecting a diet based on these products.

Visiting the dietitian usually lasts an hour. The next of kin are also welcome to the practice. Especially the person mainly responsible for the preparation of food in the family should be present.

We are a part of the Tyks expert services.

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