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 Perioperative Services, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Management

Contact information

Operational division administration

Head of service division Tuula Manner
Tel. 02 313 0962

Director of nursing
Leena Rantala
(operative wards T-hospital and U-hospital)
Tel. 02 313 2229

Director of nursing Hanna-Maija Takala
(operative wards Salo, Surgical Hospital and A-hospital)
Puh. 050 438 6092

Director of nursing Hanna Vinberg
(intensive care and pain management, ventilatory support unit)
Tel. 02 313 2029

Henna-Maija Ihander
Tel. 02 313 3229
Maarit H. Koskinen
Tel. 02 313 2801

Office address

Tyks, Building 11
Entrance A, 5th floor
Kiinamyllynkatu 4–8, Turku

Postal address

PO Box 52, 20521 Turku

 Perioperative Services, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Management

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We produce the operation room services of Tyks operational divisions. The responsibility of the staff of our wards to operate the operation rooms, intensive care unit and the pain clinic.

Our sections:

  • Intensive care medicine
  • Perioperative services, Surgical hospital
  • Perioperative services, T-hospital
  • Perioperative services, Salo hospital
  • Perioperative services, Lighthouse hospital
  • Perioperative services, A-hospital
  • Ventilatory support unit (neuromuscular patients)
  • Pain clinic

We treat over 40 000 patients a year in the operation rooms. There are a total of 58 operation rooms. There are 14 operation rooms in T-hospital, 13 in A-hospital, 15 in Lighthouse hospital, 11 in the surgical hospital and 5 in Salo.

We perform over 2500 obstetric analgesia procedures in the delivery room of the U-hospital a year.

The intensive care unit treats about 2000 patients a year, which amounts to about 6500 treatment days.

The pain management clinic has about 3500 outpatient visits a year.

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