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Surgical Inpatient Ward

Contact information

Street address

Tyks Vakka-Suomi Hospital
Terveystie 2, Uusikaupunki


02 314 1100 ward
02 314 1140 day surgery


02 314 1198

Postal address

PO Box 12, 23501 Uusikaupunki

Surgical Inpatient Ward

We coach and prepare patients arriving for examination or operation and monitor the day surgical patients admitted to the ward after their operation.

Our most essential procedures include:

  • treatment of back patients (examination and post-operative treatment, operations in Tyks)
  • upper limb operations
  • operations and examinations of the digestive tract
  • urinary organ surgery
  • gynaecological surgery
  • incontinence operations
  • ear, nose and throat operations
  • cataract operations

You need a physician's referral to be admitted. We also treat emergency patients from the emergency room and follow-up patients from various hospitals.

Inpatient care is subject to a daily inpatient fee and a day surgical fee is collected from day surgical operations. See client fees.

Patients are usually admitted to operations in the morning of the procedure day for preparing for the operation and checking his/her operative capability. Depending on the procedure, patients stay in the ward as day surgical patients or inpatients for about 1 to 4 days.

Emergency duty

The ward is on duty 24 hours a day and we have a specialist physician on duty continuously.

Visiting hours

Mon to Sun: 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm. You can bring the patient magazines, for example. Only limited amounts of flowers. You should discuss with the nurse before bringing food or drink to the patient.

We began performing cataract surgery in the beginning of 2014.


All the patient's belongings are kept in a locker during his/her operation.

There are toilets and showers in the patient rooms.

There is a wardrobe and a night stand for personal belongings in the inpatient ward rooms. The wardrobe cannot be locked. No valuables should be brought along to the hospital.

All patient rooms are equipped with a TV. Each bed has its own telephone, and you are permitted to use your own phone as well.

People in charge:

Medical director Michal , tel. 02 314 1810

Sopyllo, tel. 02 314 1810
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