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Tyks testbed services

In our changing and ever more digital world there emerges a need for health care actors and hospitals to contribute and participate actively in the quest for novel technological solutions. This will improve the service of health care providers and update their knowhow. At the same time, Finnish science and business will become increasingly more qualified to develop first-class innovations. Innovative projects and the academic leadership of our university hospital in Turku improve and expand the excellence in medical and nursing sciences exhibited by our hospital district. We attract top professionals to our teams.

If you or your company are in the process of developing a solution within health care technology, a solution that could be applied to specialized health care, we invite you to contact us at the TERTTU web service. TERTTU operates within the Health Campus Turku as a testbed for research and development. Our multiprofessional team of experts makes an assessment of the proposed solution – which may be a form of treatment, a device or an application – with respect to its suitability, quality, safety and effectivity. In collaboration with the initiative-taking party, the team then designs the necessary scientific study or test.

We offer the following co-development services:

  • Scientific collaboration to establish the suitability, quality, safety and/or effectivity of a health care solution.
  • Development project to refine the idea into a solution to be used within health care.
  • Testing of CE-marked health care solutions.
  • Joint undertaking with other testing units to support, test or develop a health care solution.

You will reach the TERTTU web service via the Health Campus Turku page.

Additional information

  • Eriikka Siirala, team leader, eriikka.siirala(a)
  • Päivi Rautava, research director, paivi.rautava(a)
  • Leena Setälä, strategy director, leena.setala(a)
  • Juuso Blomster, chief physician, juuso.blomster(a)
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Luotu: 14/09/2020 13:15