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We belong to the community of leading health care researchers in the Nordic countries.

Our achievements are nationally and internationally recognised and our co-operation is requested on a regular basis.

Our strategic partnership with the University of Turku is strong and benefits both parties and the economic life and the population of the area.

The health care units of our expert responsibility area are well-known for their commitment and encouraging attitude towards scientific research.

The research creates top quality expertise valued by the patients, staff, researchers, municipal authorities and other interest groups.

Medical director is responsible for the research in the Hospital District of Southwest of Finland.

Health care researchers have the following parties to assist them

Auria Biobank

The duty of the Auria Biobank is to store labelled tissue and blood samples of human origin and to distribute them to health promoting medical studies. The founding members of the first biobank of Finland are the hospital districts of Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Vaasa and the University of Turku.

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