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Applying for the State Research Funding

The state research funding of the Turku University Hospital expert responsibility area is distributed to the research projects of university level health research based on the Health Care Act (1326/2010) as funding you need to apply for. The expert responsibility area covers the hospital districts of Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Vaasa. The funding replaces the previous EVO (erityisvaltionosuus) funding system.

The goals of university level health research are

  1. to promote public health and welfare by the means of high-quality and effective health research performed in the health care service system
  2. to advance the quality of health care and patient safety
  3. to produce new information and to ensure its distribution and application in health care and elsewhere in the society.

Municipalities, joint authorities, state mental institutes and service providers assigned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health that manage an operational healthcare unit of the Tyks expert responsibility area can apply for the funding (Health Care Act 1326/2010 & The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health's decree on service providers qualified to apply for research funding of university level health research and eligible for compensation of medical and dentist education, 1125/2013) A single researcher or a research group can submit their application via electronic services with the information of the respective aforementioned organisation.

Applications are assessed in project work groups consisting of medical and healthcare science experts. The main focus points of assessment are the project's scientific level and the relevance to the development of healthcare and healthcare service system.

Project funding is applied via the electronic services of The Hospital District of Southwest Finland: Application link (in Finnish)

The doctorate application form requires the dissertation's year of registering, which is a prerequisite for the grant.

Additional information can be requested from chief physician of research Päivi Rautava, tel. 050 300 5846, professor Helena Leino-Kilpi, tel. 050 342 4384 and professor Matti Laato, tel. 02 313 0000.

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