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State Research Funding

The expert responsibility area (ERVA) of the Tyks Turku University Hospital manages a research committee for grant applications.

Health research funding may be applied for by those municipalities, joint authorities, state mental hospitals and service providers laid down by the decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health which operate a healthcare unit (Act on Specialized Medical Care, 1062/1989  and Health Care Act, 1326/2010). 

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health grants research funding to the research committees of the ERVAs of all university hospitals. In 2020, the state granted 3 746 400 euros to the research committee of the Tyks Turku University Hospital ERVA for these purposes. The table shows how the funding is divided among the ERVAs for the years 2020–2023.

Table: Division of annual state research funding among expert responsibility areas (ERVAs), 2020–2023

ERVA Percentage
Helsinki 41,37
Kuopio 12,64
Oulu 13,71
Tampere 14,44
Turku 17,84


The activities related to research and education of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland resourced by state funding is detailed in the annual publication on research and education in the Tyks ERVA.  

National assessment group on health research

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has defined the university-level goals and focus areas of health research by decree. The Ministry has also established a national health research assessment group of experts to assess health research in Finland.  The group has a four-year term.  

The group shall make proposals for the grounds for granting funds upon hearing research committees, monitor the impact of the research and evaluate how well the research goals in focus areas have been reached, assess the achieved goals, assess the quality, volume and results of the research, compile a summary of the research activity every four years (covering the duration of the term) and suggest new focus areas. The assessment group shall also raise the awareness within the society on the impact of science.  

Dr. Päivi Rautava, Research Chief Physician and expert secretary of the group, is the hospital district representative in the assessment group.    

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