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Scientific research strategy

The science and research strategy of the expert responsibility area of the Turku University Hospital has been crafted in collaboration with the hospital districts of Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Vaasa.

Our research efforts promote health and wellbeing and supports care and organizing of care.  We are among the leading health care research communities in the Nordic countries. Our achievements are well known within Finland and internationally and we are a preferred collaboration partner.

We pursue a strategic partnership with all universities within the region, especially with the Medical Faculty of the University of Turku, and with other actors. This partnership is robust and satisfactory for all involved parties. The health care units in our special responsibility area are widely known for their high degree of commitment and their supportive attitude toward scientific research. Scientific research yields top-level knowhow appreciated by patients, personnel, researchers, stakeholders and politicians.

Strategic progress within each operational unit is followed up and evaluated. The outcomes of the evaluations are publicized annually.

Tyksin erityisvastuualueen tiede- ja tutkimusstrategia 2021–2025 (pdf, in Finnish)

Strategy of excellence competency  

The strategy of top competency aims to guarantee a competitive edge for the university hospital. It complements the science and research strategy and makes it visible.

VSSHP Huippuosaamisstrategia 2019–2023 (pdf, in Finnish, 43 pages)

Nursing sciences

Nursing sciences are linked with the scientific research strategy of the expert responsibility area of the Turku University Hospital and with the strategies of the hospital districts of Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Vaasa (which are integrated with the overall strategy). The proprietary research, education and development programs of the universities of applied sciences are also associated with the overall strategy of the expert responsibility area. The purposes of the research programs of nursing sciences are to strengthen the discipline of nursing sciences, of education and of an evidence-based mode of action within the service systems of social and health care, to prognosticate future trends and to find solutions for improving health.

Tyks erva Hoitotieteellinen tutkimusohjelma 2020–2025 (pdf, in Finnish, 16 pages)

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