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The duty of the joint unit of Tyks expert responsibility area and the University of Turku, TurkuCRC, is to function as a guide and advisor for the researcher and the commissioner in issues of planning the research and in acquiring the additional services required by the research and to monitor the observance of laws, acts, regulations and the GCP principles.

In addition, TurkuCRC provides monitoring services to researcher-initiated research projects and organises healthcare scientific research education to researchers and other research staff.

The duties of TurkuCRC are:

1. Research guidance

  • in compiling the research plan and planning the research realisation
  • in compiling the research documents
  • in compiling  the statement request to the ethics committee
  • in the Fimea notification of a clinical trial - EudraCT form
  • in the organisation's research permit
  • in internal agreements: hospital pharmacy, laboratory, imaging etc.

2. Research permit processing

  • keeping the project register information
  • noticing the Data Protection Ombudsman's office

3. Administrating the public research register, Clinical Trials

4. Planning and organising the education of healthcare scientific research

5. National and Nordic research co-operation

6. Monitoring services of researcher-initiated researches

TurkuCRC contact information (in Finnish)

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