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The Registry of the Hospital District is located in building 11A, Turku University Hospital (Tyks).

Incoming and outgoing administrative mail, reclamations and complaints by patients and tenders related to the Hospital District and the University Hospital are opened and registered by the Registry. The mail addressed to the Tyks Loimaa Hospital, the Tyks Salo Hospital and the Tyks Vakka-Suomi Hospital are also opened and registered centrally by the Registry.

There is a separate registry unit in the Turunmaa Hospital which opens and registers the mail addressed to the Turunmaa Hospital. 

Registry of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland and Tyks
POB 52, 20521, Turku
Visiting address: Building 11A, 2nd floor, room A223
Email: kirjaamo(a)
Phone  02 313 5913 
Fax 02 313 3613

Outside opening hours, mail to the Registry may be left in the mailbox of the Registry at visiting address.

Turunmaan sairaala
POB 663, 20701 Turku

E-Services Messages Messages is a communication service between the Hospital District of Southwest Finland and Finnish citizens. Messages is a secure way of sending administrative documents such as Patient register data check requests, requests for report on patient register usage log information or notifications.

In order to use Messages you need to activate the message service and identify yourself with e.g. online banking codes or a mobile certification. Once you have logged in, select the Compose message option. Recipient is the Hospital District of Southwest Finland and the Recipient’s service or issue is e-Services.

How to use messages (pdf)

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