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Invoicing Addresses and Instructions

The invoices are to be sent to us electronically, as e-invoices. Paper invoices will no longer be accepted.

Electronic invoicing addresses of the Hospital district of Southwest Finland

Intermunicipal Hospital District of Southwest Finland



Our electronic invoice operator is Basware, whose operator code is BAWCFI22.

Our business ID (Y-tunnus) is 0828255-9
Our VAT number is FI08282559
The Organizational Data Transfer Code (OVT-tunnus) is 003708282559

In case the supplier does not have an own e-invoicing system in use, you can create the electronic invoice through Barware’s supplier portal, free of charge.

The following information should be found on the invoice

  • The suppliers name and contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address)
  • The suppliers Business ID and bank connection (bank account)
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice number (NB. unique for each invoice)
  • Purchase orders should have the order number or order identification visible
  • Details of ordering department
  • Product or service, that the invoice is regarding to (product code and name of the product)
  • Unit price
  • Total amount of the invoice
  • VAT grounds
  • Reference number

Invoices that come from EU-countries should always include both the suppliers and the buyers VAT-numbers as well as grounds for tax exemptions (intra-community supply or reverse charge).

Other things to note

  • Exceeding the total amount of order is not allowed without the buyer’s written consent.
  • Separate additional fees are not accepted.
  • current interest laws determine any interest or payment delay fees.

The following divisions are a part of the Intermunicipal Hospital District of Southwest Finland:

Turku University Hospital

  • Tyks Main Hospital
  • Tyks Surgical Hospital
  • Tyks Salo Hospital
  • Tyks Loimaa Hospital
  • Tyks Turunmaa Hospital
  • Tyks Vakka-Suomi Hospital

Pharmaceutical Services of Southwest Finland

Technical and Maintenance Services

Administrative Centre 

Tyks Acute 

The former Public utility Tyks-Sapa has been divided into two operational divisions and one division in Turku University Hospital.

  • The Operational Division of Medical Imaging: Radiology; Clinical physiology, nuclear medicine and PET examinations; Clinical neurophysiology; Medical Physics. 
  • The Operational Division of Laboratory: Tykslab; Pathology; Clinical Microbiology; Medical Genetics; Saske; Auria Biobank.
  • The Division of Pharmaceutical Services of Southwest Finland: Clinical Pharmacology.

The Instrument Service Centre of Southwest Finland is now a part of Administrative Centre. 

Additional info available from ostoreskontra(a)

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