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Preparing For Care

A doctor's referral is usually required for hospital admissions. Emergency clinics are available in urgent situations without a referral.

Once your referral has been processed, we will send you an invitation letter where you can find information about how and where you should register to an inpatient or outpatient ward. You can find the contact information and maps of the wards on the hospital's web page.

Arriving at the hospital

Make sure you have plenty of time for your visit. It might be difficult to find a parking spot in the hospital area. If you are travelling by car, bring some coins with you for the parking fee.

The telephone exchange and information centre are notified of your registration to the hospital, unless you wish that this information is not provided.

Appointment cancellation and rescheduling

If you are unable to make it to a scheduled appointment, please inform the inviting ward as soon as possible. We will schedule a new appointment with you.

A penalty fee is charged from unused and not cancelled appointments.

Contagious diseases, such as common cold, cough and fever usually prevent operations and specialised examinations. In these cases it is a good idea to call the inviting ward about your arrival in advance.

Arriving at an outpatient clinic

Make sure you have plenty of time for an outpatient clinic visit. Patients requiring urgent care might alter the scheduled appointment list. Be prepared to wait for admission.

You will be directed to the inviting outpatient clinic from the entrance lobby.

Arriving at an inpatient ward

You have been compiled a preliminary treatment plan at the inpatient ward based on your outpatient visit information. The treatment plan is specified during your initial interview and during your treatment at the ward. The staff will tell more about the ward's activities and daily routines during the interview.

If you require the services of special professionals, e.g. social workers, patient representatives or hospital chaplains, the staff will arrange you a meeting. More information can be found from the ward's bulletin board.

Bring with you to the hospital

  • your invitation letter
  • your identification card with a photograph
  • credit and debit cards
  • child health clinic card for children under school age
  • maternity card and an anamnesis form, if you are admitted to a maternity ward
  • medical prescriptions and a list of medicines you have in use, even those not prescribed by a doctor
  • your own specific medicines
  • any X-ray or ECG images or laboratory results about your present condition
  • any assistive devices you have in use, e.g. a cane
  • personal supplies, e.g. comb, dental care and shaving instruments, robe and slippers

You can also get hygiene supplies from the hospital.

You can also bring along

  • toys that are easy to clean or picture books for children, labelled with the child's name
  • your own radio, laptop or other media devices by the permission of the staff
  • your mobile phone
  • leisure activities, e.g. games, books or playing cards

The hospital is not responsible for your items, so please leave valuables at home.

Leave at home

  • large amounts of cash
  • valuable items
  • jewellery
  • smoking products (recommendation; you can receive help to cope with withdrawal symptoms from the staff)

Bringing alcohol into the hospital is absolutely forbidden. Smoking products are not sold in the hospital.

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