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We try to make a decision of your discharge well in advance. Your doctor or nurse will discuss about your follow-up treatment with you before discharge.

If you want to have your next of kin or a familiar taxi driver to pick you up, plan your leaving with the staff.

Every unclear matter should be discussed about with your doctor or the nursing staff before leaving.

Remember to take with you your belongings, as well as any X-ray images or prescriptions you brought along.


You can pay for your hospital treatment by an invoice sent home to you.

See patient fees.


Let the staff know well in advance before your departure if you need any certificates for your employer, insurance company or travel allowance.

The hospital charges certificate and statement fees based on a collective agreement.


Keep the treatment instructions you received from the ward and the clinic card or equivalent you may have received and bring it with you to the check-up.

Let the outpatient ward know if you are not able to come and schedule a new appointment. A penalty fee based on the act and decree on client fees is charged from unused and not cancelled appointments.

The check-up may be performed by a different doctor than your previous one, since doctors work in various posts.

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