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Coronavirus epidemic in 2020

On this page you will find updated information on the Covid-19 corona virus and the epidemic from the perspective of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland.

Corona virus situation in the Hospital District of Southwest Finland 28.5.2020

The numbers are updated twice a week.

  • The number of persons infected with the covid-19 virus thus far: 344 persons (number of new cases after 25th of May 2020: 3)
  • Currently hospitalized: 1 persons
  • Number of persons died at our hospitals thus far: 2 persons

Visits to patients limited

The Government has decided to ban visits to hospitals and the hospitals in Southwest Finland follow this declaration.

There are some exceptions to visit bans: persons who are healthy and have no symptoms of infection may visit critically ill patients, children who are kin, terminal care patients of kin and spouse of women on maternity wards.

Visits to wards as well as open care units of the hospitals are limited. Please call on beforehand to the ward you intend to visit to check if you are allowed to visit or not.

Telephone service for mental and spiritual support to close of kin

Visits to hospital patients have been are limited or banned because of the corona epidemic. It is only natural that this will affect important social contacts and may cause distress, anxiety, fear and sorrow for friends and family of the patient. It is known that being able to ventilate thoughts and emotions under confidential and safe guidance provides relief.

You have the option to call the telephone service for mental and spiritual support if you have someone near and dear to you as a patient in the Tyks hospital. The service is available every day, also weekends, from 9 to 16 hours (9 AM – 4 PM). The service is available until further notice and it is intended for family and close friends of the patient. The service is run by the hospital chaplains in Turku. The telephone number is: 040 341 7767

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