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Staying at the Hospital

We try to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible. Your care and treatment are supported by various services, which you can use during your visit.

The hospitals' own pages include detailed information about hospital-specific services, such as café and kiosk opening hours, directions and parking.

Lost & found

Lost property is delivered to hospital information desks, where it can be enquired after. The property is forwarded to the lost and found office of the police a few times a year.


Patients of school age are given primary education during their hospital stay.

Hospital chaplains

Hospital chaplains are responsible for spiritual activities in the hospital. You can talk with them about personal matters. The staff will assist you in contacting them.

Read more about hospital chaplains.

Social workers

There is a ward-specific social worker in each ward. You can discuss about social welfare, illness, discharging and your situation of life with them.

Read more about social workers.

Patient ombudsmen

Patient ombudsmen give information about and promote the patients' rights, see that they are fulfilled, assist in registering a possible complaint, and advice in patient safety incidents.

Read more about patient ombudsmen.


There are beverages, snacks and magazines sold in the cafés. Postage stamps are also sold in the hospital cafés.

Smoking products are not sold in the hospitals.

See opening hours and locations on the hospitals' pages.


Library services are available in Tyks main hospital (a mobile library visits once a week), Paimio hospital, the surgical hospital and Tyks Salo hospital.

You can find more information about library services on the hospitals' pages.

Radio, TV, newspapers

Radio programmes are broadcast via the hospital's central radio. There are portable radios available for non-Finnish speaking patients.

Each ward has a television and local newspaper subscriptions.


Most inpatient wards have bedside phones, and the calls placed are charged in the hospital fee. Local and long distance calls can also be ordered via the telephone exchange.

The staff will assist you in placing these calls.

The use of mobile phones is permitted in the common and day rooms of the inpatient wards.

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Treatment and examinations

An overview of our key medical care services and care instructions.


An overview and the contact details of our hospitals and other units.