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Patient and her visitor talking.Visiting

Visits are restricted due to the coronavirus

Visits in hospitals are possible, but in such a way that the number of visitors is generally limited to two visitors per patient.

Department-specific restrictions continue, particularly in wards that manage at-risk groups. These include departments such as elderly psychiatry, cancer, intensive care and emergency services. Please call on beforehand to the ward you intend to visit to check if you are allowed to visit or not.

Visiting hours at our wards are usually from 1 pm to 7 pm.

Changes to visiting hours are posted on the web pages of the departments:

Consult the personnel of the departments for visits outside visiting hours.

Enquiries about patients

Patient information is provided only with patient’s permission. If you are unable to give this permission, only your closest of kin will be informed.

We may tell largely about the patient’s condition by telephone. We hope that the patient’s family agrees who is the one who asks about the patient’s condition, return home etc. You may reserve time to talk with the doctor.

Telephone numbers for patient enquiries

​Tyks Main Hospital
(A-, T- and U-hospitals)
​02 313 1175 (24/7)
02 313 2175 (weekdays 6.45 AM – 7 PM, Sat-Sun 11 AM – 7 PM)
02 313 1038 (weekdays 6.45 AM – 10 PM)
​Tyks Loimaa Hospital​02 761 2388
​Tyks Salo Hospital​02 314 4000
​Tyks Vakka-Suomi Hospital​02 314 1000
​Turunmaa Hospital02 314 6000

Staying overnight at the hospital

In some cases it is possible for the next of kin to stay overnight at the hospital. Ask the ward staff for more information.

Visitor instructions

We wish that a maximum of two or three of the next of kin visit the patient at the same time.

Outer clothing should be left in storage in the hospital lobbies. The clothing storage isn't guarded in every hospital.

Suitable presents include, for example, books, magazines and small snacks. Bringing flowers to the wards of Operational Division of Medicine is forbidden.

Our cafés and canteens are at your disposal, and you can buy presents from there as well. See opening hours at the hospital pages.

Avoid visiting if you or anyone in your household are suffering from common cold, cough or any other contagious disease.

Strong perfumes are not suitable in the hospital.

Our staff will gladly give more instructions and information about visiting.

Transportation and parking

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